5 years ago, we launched a major rebuild of the Gardinia Windows website, adapting the website to be responsive & work on all devices from phones to TV’s! During the process of developing our site I decided the Gardinia Blog would become a prominent feature, historically we had published some really interesting blog posts, however these were few and far between. This was certainly an area I felt we could do better in, which in turn would give us a regular, relevant content to share on social media.

With this in mind shortly after the new Gardinia site launched I set myself the challenge of ensuring Gardinia published a new blog post every week for a year, with the view of hopefully getting other members of staff involved.

That proved to be a success and we managed to publish a blog post every week for a year, as summarised in our blog titled: A Year of Weekly Blog Posts.

Since then, the momentum has kept going and for the most part have published at least one blog post a week for half a decade now, which is not always an easy thing to do when trying to keep the content varied!

This weekend seemed a great opportunity to look back at some of the projects we have featured over the years and feature my personal favourite project from each year.

2017 – Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory

For this project Gardinia extended the base that the existing Conservatory was built on, then constructed a significantly larger Conservatory. Since Mr Milner is a keen gardener he wanted to incorporate a downstairs washroom so that he wouldn’t walk mud through the house. The end result was a fantastic transformation that perfectly suited Mr & Mrs Milner’s individual requirements.

More about this project can be read on our Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory blog post.

Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory – inside looking out to the Garden
Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory – looking inside from the garden

2018 – A Conservatory With a Panoramic Aspect

When Chris was looking to completely renovate his property, he contacted Gardinia to look at replacing his windows, doors and facias throughout his home in Golcar. The original idea was to also build a lean too conservatory over the existing French doors that would sit beneath his proposed balcony.

After some consideration and some re-planning, Chris decided to relocate the site of the conservatory to cover what was the down stairs bedroom and change the design of the conservatory to a classic Victorian style, with some impressive results!

View of the new conservatory and windows form Chris’s garden

The end result was a conservatory with a great panoramic aspect, complete with far reaching views, as can be seen on the 360 photo below:

Read more: Conservatory with a Panoramic Aspect

2019 – Replacing a Conservatory with a Garden Room at Clayton West

Mr Brown contacted Gardinia desiring to replace his Conservatory with something more modern, such as a Garden Room.

What was more unique about the existing conservatory is the base was built up quite high, offering a great view over Mr Browns garden. This base was perfectly fine to build a new Garden Room on, so was kept in place. The end result was a fantastic addition to Mr Browns home.

Mr Browns new Garden Room
Inside is a large room that is comfortable to use all year round, with the benefit of lots of natural light though the energy efficient windows

2020 – The Unprecedentedly Strange Year

I think this photo of company owners Mick and Judith sums 2020 up pretty well:

However, despite not undertaking any installations for over half of the year, we did continue to produce a blog post a week and had some great installations to feature towards the end of the year, once we could start working again.

2020 – Slim Anthracite Grey Windows Installed in Huddersfield:

Mr & Mrs Schofield decided to have our beautiful slim anthracite grey windows to modernise their traditional Huddersfield home. The slim Anthracite grey windows together with a brave colour choice for the Composite front door really sits well with their property, showcasing how Gardinia’s stunning products can look in more traditional properties.

Read more: Slim Anthracite Grey Windows Installed In Huddersfield

2021 – The Conservatory on a Steel Portal Frame:

2021 featured possibly some of the best projects Gardinia had undertaken in my opinion, many of the installations delayed due to Covid were finally undertaken. However, without a doubt the Conservatory on a Steel Portal Frame for Mr & Mrs Clowes has to be the most stand out project of the year.

Existing Gardinia customers Mr & Mrs Clowes loved the area they lived in, however had the opportunity to purchase a property in a location with a better view. They decided to sell up and invest in the new property for the much better views.

Due to the elevation of the Conservatory and the additional support requirements of the desired Bi-folding door, it soon became apparent that a traditional build wouldn’t work. With that in mind we decided to base the construction around a steel portal frame, resulting in an absolutely stunning conservatory to look at, both externally and internally, with far reaching views to match!

Showing the Conservatory standing on the steel portal frame
Cosy inside view of the finish cCnservatory on the steel portal frame, with the stunning far-reaching views

Below we have a 360 photo, taken from inside the Conservatory:

2022 – Conservatory To Garden Room Conversion In Linthwaite

Mr & Mrs Muskett from Linthwaite chose Gardinia to upgrade their old Conservatory and transform it into a Garden room, that would be usable all year round.

We replaced the frames and built up the side wall to comply with building regulations, incorporating two Velux windows in the solid roof that would allow more natural light during the summer months. The end result looking fantastic, complimenting Mr & Mrs Muskett’s home very well.

Looking at the new Garden Room from the back garden

Below we have taken a 360 photo, showcasing the inside the Garden Room

We hope to feature many more great home improvement projects in the future!

Like what you have seen so far? then why not have a browse of our website, then contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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