Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Windows

Why Choose Engineered Traditional Timber Windows?

Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Windows are exceptional quality timber windows, made correctly and sourced responsibly.

Engineered Traditional Timber Windows are without doubt a great environmentally responsible choice when choosing replacement windows for your home. In addition, well built and maintained windows will help us in the challenge to stop energy loss from our homes, due to been both weather tight and thermally efficient allowing us to reduce the amount of energy required to heat our homes, in turn minimises the impact on the environment.

Why Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Windows?

Our Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Windows range uses only the best pieces of timber, which have been responsibly grown and scanned to ensure everything is fault free and has had any knots removed. These prime sections of timber are then glued, compressed and laminated together to form engineered timber.

When we sourced and designed our Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Window system we decided from the beginning we would use responsibly sourced products from our partners, therefore our material of choice would be multi-layered redwood engineered timber that is structurally superior to most other timbers.

Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Windows are truly a sight to behold, made by our partner craftsmen, you will find our hand finished products built to last with pride. Every window installed is bespoke designed to suit your property, helping you to transform it into your home.

Timber has without any doubt stood the test of time and is both tactile and warm to the touch. The Timber~Gard range of windows creates a truly stunning finish to suit any home, in addition to securing you and your family from anything the British climate can throw at it.

Safety has been carefully considered with our Engineered Traditional Timber Window range. Our timber windows have a pair of special egress / fire escape hinges fitted which maximises the opening escape space to enable the occupier to vacate the premises in the event of a fire.

In addition, the window has a latch on the hinge, which allows you to slide the opening sash across the opening of the window to allow you to clean the outer pane of glass from the inside of the property.

The requirement for an egress / fire escape window which matches a continuous row of similar designed windows in a cottage is sometimes a little difficult to achieve, however for windows in our Engineered Traditional Timber Window range this is not a problem.

More about Timber~Gard Engineered Traditional Timber Windows:

Engineered Traditional Timber Windows from Gardinia use only the best pieces of wood which are scanned to ensure they are fault free. These prime layers of wood are glued, compressed and laminated together to form engineered timber, this offers the following key benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly – 25% less waste, with all waste been recycled. All engineered timber is certified and responsibly grown.
  • Expense – large saving due to less waste, longer lengths been available, and kiln dried in smaller sections.
  • Strength – Glue line, defect free & no knots means engineered is 60% stronger than timber counterparts.
  • Appearance – The fact of no knots and been defect free improves the appearance of the engineered timber by ensuring the paint finish adheres well to the wood.
  • Durability & Stability – Engineered wood’s alternate vertical grains provide greater dimensional stability, decreasing the risk of misshape by minimising swelling and warping. This improves thermal and acoustic performance and increases the life of the window or door.


In addition, all our windows in the Engineered Traditional Timber range are manufactured using engineered laminated timber, which carries the following guarantees for additional piece of mind:

  • Guarantee against defects – 10 Years
  • Paint Coatings – 10 Years
  • Stain Coatings – 7 Years
  • Glass BSI Kite marked – 10 Years
  • All Ironmongery – 5 Years
  • Weather Seals – 10 Years

The overall finished window will give a minimum life span of at least 30 years, subject to a correct maintenance schedule being in place, however a typical life span of more than 60 years is expected.

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