Why Choose an Aluminium Bifold Door?

Aluminium Bifold Doors are becoming increasing desirable for customers in their Huddersfield homes. This is partly due to projects featured on home improvement programmes such as Grand Designs, where Aluminium doors have been gaining popularity. In recent years Aluminium has re-invented itself by addressing many of the thermal issues once associated with the older Aluminium products that we’re manufactured in the 70’s. Sometimes customers refer to Bifold doors as Bifold windows.

Why People Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors:

Aluminium Bifold Doors are available in a range of opening configurations to suit any Huddersfield home. Aluminium Bifold Doors from Gardinia can be folded internally or externally and with the opening at the side (so the sashes all fold one way), at one end (to create a single entrance door) or in the middle (to give the option of a double door).

Gardinia’s flexibility makes it the ideal choice for projects where large, uninterrupted openings are required, with the system providing maximum light and space to give unimpeded views.

The highly-versatile, easy-to-operate system is the perfect option for even the largest project, capable of opening up an entire wall, yet presenting a contemporary, elegant glazed facade when closed.

Our Aluminium Bifold Door’s feature a thermal break to deliver enhanced thermal performance and energy efficiency and security is assured by multi-point lock mechanisms on the main opening sashes, and shoot-bolt locks on the ‘floating’ mullions.

The doors can have either a low threshold for unimpeded access, or a rebated threshold for improved weather resistance.

What other benefits do Aluminium Bifold Doors offer?

  • Extra space and ingress of natural light
  • Opens rooms up to outside
  • Slim and good looking sight lines
  • Energy efficient and eco friendly
  • Large range of colours available in any Ral Colour
  • Aluminium material provides strength, functionality and security
  • Adds value to any property

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