The Garden Room

The market for extended living is changing and while the conservatory still remains a popular affordable glazed extension, some consumers are turning their attentions to the inspirational garden room.

Many homeowners are increasingly frustrated with the high costs and often the inconvenient process of building a home extension. The introduction of garden rooms to the home improvement sector is seen as a welcome development.

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UPVC Windows

At Gardinia we offer a wide variety of custom made replacement windows, that not only meet, but exceed the latest industry standards. We are proud to offer the very latest innovative products. Gardinia offer a wide range of Windows including:

Composite Doors

Gardinia offer an outstanding range of Solidor­ sol­id­ timber ­­core composite doors that combine classical,­ modernised or ­futuristic styling with a full range of S­e­cu­r­ed by ­Design locking mechanisms. This provides a stunning, hi­gh quality and most of all secure entrance door to any home. Gardinia's wide range of Doors include:


Conservatories are no longer rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Gardinia design conservatories for all year round use. We can install and customise the following types of Conservatories: