Why Choose a Garage Door From Gardinia?

The right garage door has a great impact on the kerb appeal of your home. With this in mind Gardinia offers a wide selection of garage door designs and colours, available in contemporary and traditional styles that will compliment any Huddersfield home.

Garage Doors from Gardinia are made from the very best components, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, safety features and equipment, the doors require little maintenance, resulting in a safe and sound investment for your home.

A great feature of Gardinia Garage Doors our doors travel vertically, so provide more clearance both inside and outside of the garage compared to traditional up-and-over, sectional and swing garage doors.

Roller Garage Door
Roller Garage Door

Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors have been designed and manufactured in the UK for over 30 years, using strong, corrosion protected steel and are made to suit most garage openings, adding style and character to any home.

In addition to being built to operate with minimal noise and friction, our Roller Doors are specifically designed with a reinforced bottom rail to protect your home against intruders.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Insulated Roller Garage Doors use an intelligent design solution that creates a stylish, insulated door, featuring all round weather protection and even remote control operation as standard.

This is our most compact garage door type, where the door rolls around a barrel above the door, so the end result uses a minimum about of space inside the garage.

Insulated Roller Garage Door
Insulated Roller Garage Door
Insulated Sectional Garage Doors
Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated Sectional Doors are a revolutionary alternative to a traditional garage door. Insulated Sectional Doors are designed to suit both modern and more traditional homes, offering a market leading 40mm insulated sectional door panel with a ‘U’ value of 1.35

The 1.35 ‘U’ value is comparable with a 55cm thick brick wall.

All Sectional Garage Doors come as standard with ball-race bearing roller brackets, allowing for long lasting, strong and quiet operation.

Steel Up & Over Garage doors

Steel Up & Over Garage doors are a timeless, reliable choice. You can choose a style and colour at the same time as having a strong and secure door, that will look good for years to come with minimum mantience required.

Doors supplied with canopy gear as standard up to 9’ wide with the option of Retractable up to 14’ wide.

Why not let the light in with our glazed doors? Window designs are all supplied with Pilkington K stippled safety glass with a choice of decorative inserts.

Steel Up & Over Garage Doors
Steel Up & Over Garage Doors

Why Customers Choose Gardinia For Garage Doors:

Garage Door Saftey
Anti-lift device, automatic obstacle detection and safety catch all inclusive.
Boxes and profiles made out of non-corroding material – robust, durable, low-maintenance and recyclable.
True to size
True to size
All doors are manufactured in line with individual needs and made-to-measure.
Made in the UK
Made in the UK
Fully CE compliant and manufactured within audited ISO 9001 quality systems.
Easy care and low-maintenance
Easy care and low-maintenance
No expensive painting, easy to clean.
For Large Surfaces
For Large Surfaces
Up to 5.2m wide and 3.2m high.

Should I Insulate My Garage Door?

This is a common question asked when customers are looking at garage doors. You would expect insulate to be the common answer, however that is not the smart answer in all instances.

The majority of garages are unheated and fitting an insulated door really makes no difference to the energy saved and heat retained. More often than not a single skin door proves to be the best option.

Featured Garage Door Install:

Gardinia installed highly insulated, sectional, remotely operated & electrically raised garage doors for Richard and Jane at their Huddersfield home. The doors chosen were designed to keep their integrated garage a lot warmer. The garage doors had a full rubber seal to the frame and the base of the doors, in addition the doors can be remotely operated from a key fob.

More can be read about this project on our blog.

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We do not believe in using any hard-sell tactics, our aim is to inspire and narrow down exactly what you desire from the completed project.

    Sectional Garage Door Demonstration Video:

    Our sectional garage door video draws attention to a sectional garage doors long list of performance-enhancing extras.

    Roller Garage Door Colour Choices:

    With a wide variety of colour choices Gardinia can install a roller garage door that will suite any Huddersfield home. Additional painted and laminate finishes might be available, depending on the style of door you are interested in.

    Colour choices can slightly vary for other garage door styles.

    Garage Door Colour Choices

    Technical Questions:

    Can I convert my garage door to an automatic? – whilst manual doors can be easily converted to automatic later, there is a significant cost saving if the unit is factory-fitted at the outset.

    What’s the maximum size a garage door can be?  – Up to 5 metres wide and 3 metres high , in addition requires no frame so enables the maximum possible opening width for the wider vehicle.

    Can I automatically light my garage when the door is opened? – Yes, you can light your garage for up to 90 seconds after the motor is activated, allowing you to drive into an illuminated garage.

    Are automatic garage doors a security risk? – No, The risk of another handset using the same code is eliminated as the transmitter uses a different code from one of two billion after every operation.

    What happens if someone or something is obstructing the garage door when it is closing? – The door reverses automatically should the downward movement of the door be restricted.

    With an automatic garage door could I get locked out of the garage? – No, for garages without any other entrance door, there is a lockable emergency release to be operated from outside.