Mr and Mrs Milner wanted to extend their existing conservatory base to build a larger conservatory, which would in turn be a much more usable living space. Mr Milner is a keen gardener and also wanted to incorporate a downstairs wash room, so he wasn’t having to walk mud though the house. As you will see from the photographs the end result was stunning, Mr and Mrs Milner are over the moon with the finished result, so much so that they are currently replacing all the main house windows to match.

The old conservatory Gardinia will be replacing:

Mr & Mrs Milners Old Conservatory

Below is the extended conservatory, built and finished, complete with the internal Washroom:

Mr & Mrs Milners New Conservatory
Mr & Mrs Milners new conservatory – Alternate Angle

Internal Work In Progress Photos of the Conservatory:

Work in progress photo of the Washroom which will be a room inside the Conservatory
The inside of the Washroom inside the Conservatory before plumbing work has been completed
Work in progress photo inside the conservatory

Finished Internal Photos of the Conservatory:

Finished photo inside of Mr and Mrs Milners extended conservatory
Looking around to the left inside the conservatory
The French Doors, viewed from the inside of the conservatory
The Washroom as viewed from inside the Conservatory
View showing the window inside the Washroom
The Washroom inside the Conservatory after the plumbing and electrical work has been completed

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