Secondary Glazing from Gardinia can both reduce the energy costs required to keep your Huddersfield home at a comfortable temperature, in addition to reduceing outside noise from traffic.

If you are reading this article around the time of posting, then obviously energy bills are a big concern. This is where Secondary Glazing can be a great advantage due to been able to increase thermal performance by up to 65%, depending on the windows currently installed within the property.

Draughty windows can make a room feel uncomfortable. Secondary glazing acts as a second barrier to the elements often increasing thermal performance. Not only will you have a naturally warmer home, but you will even develop a more economical home by spending less on your heating bills and keeping warmth locked in. We advise the installation of low-e glass which is designed to reflect heat back into your home and an air cavity no more than 80mm glass to glass.

Example of some Secondary Glazing installed by Gardinia

In addition, with secondary glazing you can also reduce noise levels by up to 80%. Our clients who live near the M62 motorway were so delighted with the difference our secondary glazing made, they invited us back film a short video to demonstrate this to potential future customers.

As you can hear in the video, the secondary glazing made a phenomenal improvement for our customer! Secondary glazing’s secret is a sound blocking air cavity that is created which drastically reduces noise, teamed with acoustic glass Gardinia can make a diesel bus sound like an electric car.

More about secondary glazing can be learned on our dedicated secondary glazing page, then if you have any questions or like to learn more, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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