According to the Center for Sustainable Energy the average UK home loses 10% to 20% of its heat though its windows and external doors.

With that in mind our Climat Gard XL energy saving double-glazed units should certainly be a consideration when looking to improve the energy efficacy of your Huddersfield home to help combat the rising energy prices.

So how does energy efficient glazing work? the increased performance of energy efficient glazing consists of three factors:

  • 1. Does the glazing unit fit snugly with no air leaks?

Double-glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them which is usually 16mm wide. The gap may be filled with an inactive gas like argon that creates an insulating barrier to slow down the rate at which heat escapes.

  • 2. How much light and heat is let in?

On energy efficient double-glazed windows low emissivity glass is used. Low-E glass has an invisible metal oxide coating on the internal pane that lets in light and heat, whilst minimising the heat that can escape. 

  • 3. How much heat can escape?

Some other aspects that affect the energy performance of the window unit are the material of the window frame, along with the material of the spacer bar between the two glass panes. Essentially this is because heat travels faster through some materials than others.

The Window Energy Rating:

For a window to then obtain its energy rating window manufacturers supply the British Fenestration Rating Council with accurate drawings of the window sections, along with details of the type of glass sealed units used. A computerised simulation then tests against the above key criteria. Finally, based on these results all windows are then certified from an A+ Rating down to G Rating:

So now you know more about how energy efficient glazing works why not have a browse of our UPVC Windows page? then contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation to see how Gardinia can enhance your Huddersfield home.

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