The cooler weather is on its way and has brought some steep energy price hikes with it, we suspect many of our customers will be looking for ways to make the most of their heating. We’ve put together a few ideas that might help you keep the home a bit warmer and keep the rising energy costs down as much as possible.

Obviously been a window company we are going to start with advice for the Windows and Doors.

Draught Excluders – Draught excluders stick neatly around doors and windows, sealing up gaps, in turn keeping the room warmer. They’re easy to install and will happily do their job without a fuss.

This Stormguard brush strip heavy duty draught excluder can be used to prevent draughts and water ingress to doors and windows that have over the years become troublesome. The metal strip is easily trimmed to length with either a junior hacksaw or wire cutting pliers and will do most normal sized internal or external doors.

Example of a draught excluder fitted to an internal door

Window Gaskets – A window gasket, also known as a window seal is fitted to your window frame to prevent the entrance of draughts and water to your home. Sometimes these window gaskets can degrade causing water to gather on the windowsill, which has in turn reduce the efficiency of that window.

Window gaskets, also known as window seal replacements can be purchased to repair the existing Upvc window.

Example of a window gasket in a Upvc Window frame

In addition to looking at the Windows and Doors there are also some things you can do around the house, ranging from simple to more complex.

Bleed Radiators – Bleeding the radiators is an essential thing to do every so often, this ensure the warm water is circulating properly through the central heating system. You will know if a radiator needs bleeding if while your heating is on a radiator will cold at the top and warm at the bottom. Essentially this is caused by air in the system that you need to release causing the radiator not to heat up the room as efficiently as it would normally do. Wicks have a video showcasing how to bleed a radiator.

Check Insulation – It’s a good idea to ensure you have sufficient insulation, insulating the loft is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of heating bills and be more energy efficient. Even if you already have some existing insulation, it’s key to have the optimum amount for it to be truly effective.

This is something that can be undertaken yourself if you are a bit handy, B&Q have a great guide on how you can undertake the task and insulate your loft safely: B&Q Keep your home warm by insulating your loft.

Hopefully some of these tips have been beneficial, our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs trade counter can advise more on the Draught Excluders and Window Gasket replacement if required.

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