Climat~Gard XL Double Glazing

Double Glazing with Climat Gard XL from Gardinia makes your home quieter, warmer and also reduces your fuel bills. Reducing household fuel consumption reduces CO2 emissions that most experts believe contribute to global warming. When you install double glazing you may be helping to reduce the impact of climatic change on future generations.

Gardinia Windows and Doors are installed incorporating their unique Climat Gard XL glazing which includes the latest low-emissivity glass technology. An invisible coating on one inner glass surface reflects long wavelength heat back into the room whilst allowing short wavelength solar energy into the property. Insulation is further improved by injection of Argon gas, filling the 20mm thick cavity between the glass window panes. Finally we insulate and seal the edges with our warm edge structural foam spacer further increasing the thermal performance. This foam spacer is the modern alternative to using the aluminium (metal) spacer bars, which have the tendency to leak after time, causing the double glazed unit to mist up.

Climat Gard XL achieves an extraordinary 245% increased insulation efficiency compared with standard double glazed units.

Features and benefits of Climat~Gard XL Double Glazing:

Climat Gard XL has an enhanced thermal reflective coating to side 3 complete with Argon gas infill to the cavity lowers the U Value to an amazing 1.2 W/m2 K. Remember the lower the value the greater the energy efficiency. With a revolutionary structural foam based super spacer to prevent heat loss around the edge of the double glazed unit and increase the noise insulation values.

  • The unit will help protect the environment by lowering the energy use.
  • Significant reduction will be made on heating bills by the increased thermal values of Climat~Gard (XL)
  • The double glazed unit provides a transparent coating which allows the glass to be virtually clear unlike most other inferior products, which provide shadows and unsightly blemishes.
  • Works even in the shade and even through the night
  • 10 year guarantee against condensation between the two panes of glass
  • Increases sound insulation over a standard double glazed unit by up to 2dB.

Climat~Gard XL double glazed units are sealed together using a ‘Double Sealed’ system. Unlike the single seal system (Hot Melt) most commonly used in the industry, which is based on melting a bitumen based sealant, the double sealed system uses two seals with the final seal ensuring a long lasting weather tight finish. This system is not as vulnerable to temperature changes as the single seal system and will therefore last considerably longer.

In certain weather conditions and changing seasons, the amount of external condensation may increase (in particular on north facing elevations). This is a natural occurrence and shows that the thermal coatings are working. The condensation will naturally evaporate as the external conditions change and will cause no damage to the products. This type of occurrence is unusual and will normally only last for a short period whilst climate conditions show extreme changes (e.g. such as Autumn to Winter or Winter to Spring) though not exclusively.

You can download a PDF Document with the technical details of Climat~Gard XL.

Understand How Energy Saving Windows Work:

Window manufacturers supply the British Fenestration Rating Council with accurate drawings of the window sections along with details of the type of glass sealed units used. Computerised simulation tests are then carried out that will assess:

1) Solar Heat Gain
2) Thermal Losses
3) Air Losses

Based on these results all windows are then certified from an ‘A’ Rating down to ‘G’ Rating (‘A’ being the best possible energy saving performance window). Modern glass technology offers a range of glass types that together with new warm edged spacer bars and argon gas cavity infill, help achieve lower U-values and provide a far more energy efficient window.

Therefore replacement windows are now energy rated which will keep your heating bills down and help reduce ­harmful C02 emissions.­