When you decide it is time to replace the gaskets in your windows or doors, then you need to consult the experts at Upvc Spares 4 Repairs. Based in Huddersfield and shipping worldwide our team are waiting to assist you in delivering a fast efficient service when you are seeking help. The Upvc Spares 4 Repairs team may simply ask you to send them an offcut of your gasket, to compare with their vast choices of gaskets they can supply, to ensure you get the correct gasket first time round.

Some of the rubber gaskets are available in either black or white, there are gaskets as draft seals as well as glazing seals, there are also some gaskets in a nylon brush finish, all designed to fit specific profiles.

Example showing replacing a Gasket in a Upvc Window

There exists a range of gaskets which are a tight cellular structure, usually used on Bi-folding doors, these gaskets hold micro chambers for the most efficient cushioning effect, (similar to an Aero chocolate bar), which are designed to come together with the opposite surface and comfortably meet to secure a good, tight, weather seal.

Glass securing gaskets are called wedge gaskets, these are the gaskets which are installed last, when you finally insert them in between the glass and the window frame profile in order to secure the glass in place. If your gaskets are loose, in some circumstances these gaskets could have been the incorrect size when originally fitted with the original glass supplied from the fabricator, or that that any new replacement glass could be slightly thinner than it should be, which can cause the gasket to fall out. In those cases, it is advisable to step up the thickness of the gasket slightly to take this issue into consideration and solve the matter of loose gaskets going forward.

There are also a number of Q-Lon gaskets manufactured, which are filled with a white sponge material, these gaskets usually have a fibrous cover over them to give a semi-smooth finish to the top surface. Some of these gaskets are made in both a Black and a White finish.

If by chance, your circumstances were that you required a large amount of a particular rubber gasket, which perhaps had become recently discontinued or even completely obsolete, then don’t panic, there is the opportunity for you to have a specific gasket manufactured (from a sample you have supplied) by us arranging to have built a brand-new steel extruder die to accommodate your specific requirement, which would be specified to you first, drawings then supplied, for you to sign off, and invoiced to you separately, in advance of product production.

So now you know all about different types of gaskets used in Upvc Windows and Doors, why not have a browse of the range of Gaskets available from our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs online store.

If you are still unsure our Gasket Sample Book allows customers to easily identify the correct replacement gasket for their Upvc Windows or Doors.

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