Grace and Maria we’re modernising their home in Almondbury, Huddersfield.

Initially they were introduced to Gardinia when we supplied and installed some Evolution Storm 2 Windows in conjunction with a project local builders Tan and Britain we’re undertaking.

Grace and Maria we’re really pleased with the Evolution Storm 2 Windows, so contacted Gardinia when the time arrived to upgrade more Windows at their Almondbury home.

Initially Grace and Maria we’re undecided what to do with a big window looking in to garden, the window was rather large, so impractical to manufacture in one unit. In the end they decided upon three units manufactured and coupled together for additional strength. This would reduce wind deflection, which in turn would reduce the stress imposed on the double glazed unit (DGU), resulting in the DGU having a much longer life span.

The windows installed featured our Authentic External Georgian Bar which are connected to full length aluminium fixing strips, bonded to the glass unit. This combined with the spacer bar grid inside the unit gives the impression each pain is a separate unit. The strength comes from the plastic bar clipping on to the aluminium allowing it to expand and contract ever so slightly, in varying temperatures without it breaking the bond, unlike with double sized tape, which can come unstuck over time.

Grace and Maria will eventually re-render and re-paint In the future, however I think you will agree the finished installation looks great and that the three units manufactured and coupled together for additional strength do not compromise the views or the garden from within the home.

Like what you have seen so far? then why not have a browse of our UPVC Windows page then contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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