Simply upgrading the windows in your Huddersfield home really can make a significant difference to the overall look and feel of the home. Below we are featuring three before and after photos from our 2022 installations where upgrading to some modern Windows really did made a fantastic difference to the look of the home.

White Woodgrain Upvc Windows

The first is an installation we featured on the blog back in April 2022 – White Woodgrain Upvc Windows Installed For Mr & Mrs Muckenhuber

Mr & Mrs Muckenhuber have been renovating a house in Wakefield. What is special about this installation apart from the fantastic before and after is that we re-created and adapted the leaded glass design ­of the existing windows, to keep the character of the house.

White woodgrain Upvc windows we’re chosen to give that aged feel, compared to a standard white Upvc Window, which would have looked too modern on this particular property. 

Before and after photos:

The old windows
The stunning looking new white woodgrain Upvc windows
The end result is a great looking installation!

Authentic Cream Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

The second window installation we feel really stood out was the Authentic Cream Vertical Sliding Sash Windows we installed for Mr & Mrs McCormack over in Slaithwaite. Upgrading from traditional white Upvc Windows to authentic cream coloured vertical sliding sash windows really did make this traditional stone built property stand out.

In addition the Vertical Sliding Sash Windows make use of Authentic External Georgian Bars that will not shrink, warp or detach, regardless of the weather conditions. This is an important consideration given how the English weather can be.

Before and after photos:

Before photo showing the old traditional white Upvc Windows
After photo showcasing the authentic cream vertical sliding sash windows

Fused Together Encapsulated Stained Glass Windows

For our third and final standout window installation we are featuring Fused Together Encapsulated Stained Glass Windows that we installed over in Brighouse.

This proved to be a unique situation as our customers wanted to keep the stains within the Georgian style fret. The existing overall timber fret was only 25mm, which is fine for single glazed units, however only gives a 4mm rebate, but double-glazed units require a rebate size of approximately 15mm to hide the spacer bar and seal. This usual results in a glazing bar measuring 60mm+, which simply wouldn’t work with this window design.

To save the existing stains, the individual units were fused together to create one design and then encapsulate into a high-performance double-glazed unit, before being glazed into the new windows creating a stunning result.

One of the old traditional stained glass single glazed windows
One of the new double glazed window containing the old stained glass, which has been encapsulated with the old pains of glass fused together
Showcasing some of the other encapsulated stained glass windows

Hopefully some of our featured 2022 window projects have inspired you on what can be possible with windows form one of Gardinia’s ranges. If you like what you see then why not contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation? We do not believe in using any hard-sell tactics, our aim is to inspire and narrow down exactly what you desire from the completed project.

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