A door suitable for disabled access was required for the South Yorkshire Boat Club at their club house. I took the opportunity to create something a little bit different. I first created a design incorporating the boat clubs name. This was then sandblasted to the inside face of the outer leaf of glass.

Before fitting I cleaned and polished the edge of the exterior leaf of the glass to allow light to transmit through it, finally fitting a 12v LED light strip to the drainage channel of the door sash. This resulted in the sand blasted design being illuminated by the hidden LED strip, creating a unique effect.

The end result is a bespoke door which comes alive at night, really standing out. Since the installation the boat club has received many positive comments about the door.

Below I have taken various photos of the door at different times of day, showcasing how the door looks in different lighting. Although I must be honest photos simply do not do the door justice, it really has to be viewed in person to fully appreciate the unique look.

The door during the daylight:

The door at night with the 12v LED lights switched on:

The door illuminated at night with the lights in the entrance hall switched on:

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