As a business that has been trading since 1983 we’ve witnessed how the evolution of technology has changed our industry for the better over the last 35 years. Although the internet existed in 1983, it was in it’s infancy. It wasn’t until 1991 the World Wide Web (the internet you know today) was born.

Since then it has become almost impossible to avoid the internet living in the modern world, in 2018 it’s becoming more common to find internet connected watches, light bulbs, doorbells and even fridges.

Here at Gardinia we’ve embraced the internet in various ways since the 90’s. The growth of the internet has enabled our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs trade counter to grow from serving local customers in Huddersfield, to international customers in all corners of the world. All the international destinations we’ve shipped to can be seen on the Spares 4 Repairs World Reach Map.

Without the internet Gardinia & Upvc Spares 4 Repairs just wouldn’t be able to operate today, this means its essential for the business to have a fast and reliable internet connection, with enough capacity to allow us to carry out all our daily operations. After evaluating all the options Gardinia commissioned Virgin Media to install a state of the art high speed internet connection at our premises.

Fast forward to the present day and Virgin Media were really intrigued with all the ways Gardinia was making constant use of the internet connection, even after hours when the business is closed. I ended up having a phone interview with Virgin for a case study about Gardinia. This case study is currently featured on the Virgin Media Business website: Gardinia Windows: Ultrafast broadband gives plenty to spare.

Recently Virgin approached Gardinia again, thinking we would be an ideal company to feature in a promotional video. This would be from the point of view of Michael Foster, the company owner and chairman, talking about the history of the company. In addition it would also showcase how the internet has enabled Gardinia to go global with Upvc Spares 4 Repairs.

After a lot of planning, a date to film was agreed, this went ahead in January 2018. All of the team at Gardinia had a great experience filming with Virgin Media. Indeed it was an eye opener how much footage is actually filmed for a short promotional video. Having worked on a lot of our Spares 4 Repairs video tutorials it was certainly a totally different experience compared to filming our YouTube video tutorials.

We think the end result is a fantastic video for both Virgin Media Business and ourselves, you can watch the video below:

Here are some behind the scenes photos from our Virgin Media film day in January 2018. It might be the only time you ever see a comfy red chair in the middle of a warehouse (unless you happen to be a business selling chairs anyway!)

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