In a recent blog we discussed Chris’s conservatory installation, the Conservatory With a Panoramic Aspect.

As part of this job Chris also asked Gardinia to look at replacing his lounge window, located above his conservatory. The large window measured over 3m (10ft) wide and had a large double-glazed unit fitted to take full advantage of his amazing views.

The old large window before Chris’s Conservatory with a panoramic aspect was built by Gardinia:

Chris had already had issues with the unit as it had failed on more than one occasion. The original units were manufactured using 4mm glass which is not suitable for large units, especially in exposed areas. As the wind hits the unit, the glass oscillates causing excessive stress on the seals. This breaks down the seals prematurely causing a seal failure creating the familiar condensation problem within the glass.

To reduce this effect, the glass was manufactured using 6mm toughened safety glass instead of the 4mm glass used in the original unit. This stiffens the glass and significantly reduces wind deflection so will increase the life expectancy of the unit considerably.

The new large window from the outside, after the Window and Chris’s conservatory was installed:

However the real beauty of this are the views from the looking out over the Golcar countryside:

The views are empathised even more with a panoramic photo taken from Chris’s living room:

Due to the weight increasing by 50% on what is already a heavy unit, Darren our installation manager said, ‘next time you sell a window of this size, make sure you are available for a lift at installation!’. Darren’s wit always puts a smile on my face.

Chris is so pleased with the new conservatory, windows, doors and fascia’s fitted by Gardinia, that he has given us an open invitation to show any potential customers the fantastic end result.

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