Flush sash Upvc windows have become a desirable option for Huddersfield home owners.  On Gardinia’s flush sash Upvc windows the window sash remains in line with the outer frame externally, like traditional timber windows. This results in a window with a slimmer appearance, which is rapidly becoming a popular Upvc window style in the Huddersfield area.

Working with our fabricator, flush sash Upvc Windows are a recent advancement in Upvc window technology. Historically a flush sash never used to be possible for Upvc windows. However with the Heritage Collection we can offer a Upvc window that more closely emulates a traditional timber window, with all the modern benefits of Upvc. This makes a flush sash window both equally well placed in a period country cottage or a modern new build home.

The authentic mechanically jointed sash and outer frame joints give the window a traditional timber look joint and is just like a timber window. However whilst this sounds so simple it is in fact one of the most complex and technical parts of the design. The images below illustrate the difference between a mechanically jointed sash vs a standard welded sash:

Gardinia now have some beautiful flush sash windows from the Heritage Collection in our showroom, located at the top of Leeds Road in Huddersfield. Why not visit our showroom and have a look for yourself?

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