In this blog post we will take a look at the finer details of Gardinia’s new Heritage Flush Sash window range.

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, one of the comments often quoted has been that Upvc Windows don’t look anything like timber windows, however with Heritage Flush Sash Windows you would be hard pressed to notice the difference now.

We are proud to say we have been part of the Heritage Flush Sash Windows design and feedback process with our profile supplier, the Flush Sash Window project has taken almost two years to perfect and get right. I have to say the finished product does look quite stunning and it is the attention to detail that really does make all the difference.

The authentic mechanically jointed sash and outer frame joints give the window a traditional timber look joint which looks just like a timber window. However whilst this sounds so simple it is in fact one of the most complex and technical parts of the design. The joint is actually copyright patented, our profile supplier has invested into this to actually be able to use this design that is both strong and weather tight.

The joints to connect one piece of profile to the other require an engineered CNC (computer numerical control) machine to cut the rebates so that the neatly join together without any unsightly gaps,  these machines are a costly investment, however are essential to achieve the high quality flush sash window.

The next challenge with creating Heritage Flush Sash Windows was due to the opening sash now finishing inside the rebate of the outer frame, on the outside, this means that normal locking window locks would not work the same as they do on a normal window.

As the opening window sash is now pivoted from inside the outer frame rebate, the whole geometry is totally different to a normal more common window. The hinges, locking system and keeps require an engineered design re-think due to this, because our profile provider has a strong business relationships with our hardware provider, they have developed and then produced the parts to allow the window to work smoothly and securely, withstanding the test of time over and over again.

A Herritage Flush Upvc Casement Window
A Heritage French Grey Flush Upvc Casement Window With a Mechanically Jointed Sash.

I took a call recently from a gentleman (not our customer I hasten to state) who was having new flush sash windows fitted whilst he was on the phone to me, the fitters were unable to get the windows to lock on the night vent position. In addition the fabricator of the windows was also on site unable to offer any help. As I discussed the scenario with him it was clear that no one had bothered to do any research and had simply made the frames / sashes and screwed them together. Only once on site to fit the windows realising they were totally different to the more common windows normally made.

I do not know what the final outcome of this was, however I felt for the customer who had entrusted his hard earned money with a team who told him they knew what they were doing.

I am sure you will agree the new flush sash windows really do look the part. We have them fitted and on display in our comprehensive showroom, you really do need to see them for yourself and will be impressed with the finer details.

Why not visit the Gardinia showroom on Leeds Road in Huddersfield to see the Heritage Flush Sash Windows we have on display.

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