As part of our showroom renovations we desired to feature real world examples showcasing some of the most popular Upvc window colours.

Upvc Windows from Gardinia are available in many different colour options, including standard colours, premium authentic wood grain foils and even the option of having your windows sprayed to a colour if desired.

Anthracite Grey has become a very popular colour with our customers at the moment, which is why we decided on Anthracite Grey for the main showroom windows and the Porch:

In addition Cream is becoming an ever more popular, so we wanted to feature this at the right of the building, next to our corner of wood effect Upvc windows.

Wood effect colours are still a popular choice with customers, these are available in three main choices; Rosewood, Cherrywood and Irish Oak. We decided to feature these colours along the side of our showroom, again to have some in situ real world examples:

Rosewood, Cherrywood and Irish Oak Upvc Windows
  • Rosewood – has a proper grain printed in the foil, this essentially supersedes the mahogany colour windows, which were the first wood effect Upvc windows.
  • Cherrywood – This came along after rosewood and also had a proper grain printed in the foil, unlike the original mahogany which was just a stripe. Depending on where you look at purchasing new Upvc Windows Cherrywood can also be known as Oak, Light Oak and Golden Oak which are all the same colour, simply named differently due to the competition between different manufacturers wanting their product to stand out more.
  • Irish Oak – A lighter colour than both Rosewood and Cherrywood, this came out around the time many other colour options became available for Upvc Windows.

In addition for a truly bespoke finish we are also to match your new UPVC Windows to a colour of your choice at our specialist paint finish facilities.

Like what you see? then why not have a browse of our UPVC Windows page then contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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