Using quality components during construction of a window is only half the recipe for a good quality window, the window needs to have also been designed and constructed with security in mind.

A strong window locking mechanism in a window is useless if the mechanism is been installed in a window where price is the main concern when manufacturing and not security.

Here is an example where the Euro groove in the centre of the window frame, this is much more secure as it has a lot of meat around, providing much greater levels of security:

The Euro Groove inside a quality window frame


In comparison, below is an this example of a window system that has been built with driving cost savings down in the manufacturing process.

You will observe that the euro groove is extruded to the edge of the profile which in turn means there is only the one skin of Upvc to hold the locking mechanism in place when attacked and damaged, which is exactly what has happened.

Our service department took this call from a distressed lady who came home to find her property broken into and asked for us to help and secure her home. Why do other companies build their profiles like this you may ask? Well the simple answer is that as you can see our window system is very complex and made up of many different chambers, one of the reasons for this is that by doing this you make the profile very strong as all these individual chambers link together, so that when attacked you need to break multiples of Upvc structures not just one.

It is obviously much easier and therefore quicker and cheaper to make a Upvc profile with a simple structure which putting the euro-groove on the outside does. This means the profile maker sells the Upvc for a much cheaper price, however as you can see will never tell you the downside of doing this.

In the example above the window was fitted with mushroom headed cams and shoot bolts which no doubt were sold as the best locking system you can have on a window? However even though it did have a good mechanism this was of little use once attacked as shown.

From a security point of view, this is a bad design, this is re enforced by how easy an intruder has damaged the window and defeated the security and shows how the window is manufactured, plays a key part in how secure you home is once fitted. It’s worth keeping this in mind when comparing windows purely on price alone.

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