The Problem: Mr & Mrs Wilkinson had an old Conservatory that was far too hot when the sun shined and much too cold in winter weather. This was due to both the heat escaping though the old Polycarbonate roof and glass side panels, as pictured below. This was far from ideal as Mr & Mrs Wilkinson really desired to make best use of the space they had.

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s old fashioned Conservatory:

The Solution: A Garden Room conversion! – After researching Gardinia’s Enviro~Gard Garden Roof Systems it was decided their existing conservatory would be upgraded to a Garden Room with our new Enviro~Gard Garden Roof system, complete with new energy performing glass to the side panels and door.

Why a Garden Room? A Garden Room can create very a comfortable, usable environment due to its superior insulation and sound absorbing qualities. The room will be more cost effective to heat in the winter than a traditional conservatory, then in the summer a Garden Room reduces the level of heat build-up associated with polycarbonate and glass roofs.

The Garden Room has more of an extension feel about it, without the high costs and disruption involved in construction.

A work in progress photo showcasing the high performance thermal insulation within the roof, which is similar to that used in the space programme:

End Result: A fantastic transformation both visually and in energy efficiency. The new Garden Room can be used 365 days a year which Mr & Mrs Wilkinson are delighted about.

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s new Garden Room:

Alternate view of Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s Garden Room, showing the roof light window, allowing extra light & ventilation though a energy efficient swivel window:

From looking at the photos above I think you will agree quite the transformation has been made with just a few days work at Mr & Mrs Wilkinson’s home.

If you are thinking of undertaking a home improvement project, why not arrange a free no obligation consultation with one of our design consultants?

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