With 2017 almost over and our industry winding down for the annual festive closure, I thought I’d look back over some of the installations Gardinia has undertaken for our customers this year.

Since the launch of our brand new website on 1st September 2017 we have featured a new project on our blog each week. One of my personal favourite Solidor Composite Door installations was for Jen and Phil of Marsh, Huddersfield. What made this installation a little different was the existing stained glass fanlight window. Gardinia preserved and restored the existing fanlight window by encapsulating it inside a double glazed unit. This essentially created a triple glazed window. In addition to this the new Solidor Composite Door was in a similar style to the wooden door it replaced, making it a fantastic example of traditional and modern aesthetics blending together seamlessly.

More about this project can be read on our Composite Door Upgrade With Encapsulated Fanlight Window blog post.

Jen and Phil’s Solidor Composite Door with the encapsulated fanlight window above

Another project that stood out for myself was Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory. For this project Gardinia extended the base that the existing Conservatory was built on, then constructed a significantly larger Conservatory. Since Mr Milner is a keen gardener he wanted to incorporate a downstairs washroom so that he wouldn’t walk mud through the house. The end result was a fantastic transformation that perfectly suited Mr & Mrs Milner’s individual requirements.

More about this project can be read on our Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory blog post.

Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory viewed from the outside
Mr and Mrs Milner’s Extended Conservatory, with the washroom to the left viewed from the inside

Finally the third project that really stood out this year was a Suffolk Door and Solidor Composite Door with an internal blind Gardinia installed for Mr Littlewood. In addition Gardinia also installed five Vertical Sliding Sash Windows. Mr Littlewood was one of the most enthusiastic customers I’ve met during my 6 years at Gardinia and had lots of before and after photos on his phone which he allowed us to use for our blog post.

Mr Littlewood’s Suffolk Door and Vertical Sliding Sash Windows
Mr Littlewood’s New Solidor Composite Door with the Internal Blind Closed

We hope that you have enjoyed our blogs covering some of the projects Gardinia has undertaken in 2017, we look forward to sharing even more exciting projects with you in 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Gardinia!

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