Frequently Aske­d Questions from potential Gardinia customers.

Here are answers to some questions Gardinia are asked on a regular basis, of course you are always welcome to ask us anything we have not covered here. Please contact us online or give us a call.

If I have an assessment / quotation will I be committed to placing an order with Gardinia?

No Gardinia will simply provide the Companies recommendations and give you a professional presentation for your perusal and consideration. We guarantee no pressure selling and also guarantee you are under no obligation to place an order with us. Remember our mantra. ( No pressure, No hassle, Just relax!)

Are Gardinia able to carry out work on commercial property’s?

Yes Gardinia Windows offer a supply and install service to both the trade, commercial premises and public property.

Are Gardinia able to provide a full service for all related works to projects such as conservatories etc.

Yes Gardinia are able to co-ordinate all works from concept to completion including advise on planning / building permissions and related works such as electrics, building works, heating and finishes etc…

What does argon gas do for a window?

Argon gas increases the window’s ability to insulate. This is because Argon gas does not conduct heat as readily as air, it helps keep heat in during the winter and out in the summertime. Read More On Argon Gas

Do Gardinia dispose of all the old windows, doors and site rubbish?

Yes Gardinia windows will remove all unwanted rubbish, however if you wish to retain any glass we will accommodate. The Company has a Council skip at their warehouse to dispose of all waste products in accordance with current regulations.

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