To maximise thermal performance Tricept is engineered from 70mm wide ­profile, the industry maximum.

Thermal Enhancement:

Tricept Finer Details Thermal Enhancement
To maximise thermal performance new Tricept is engineered from 70mm wide ­profile (the industry maximum). Innovative PVC-u Thermal Reinforcing ensures optimum energy efficiency by creating vertical chambers throughout the frame. The chambers help to resist outside temperatures and retain internal warmth.

The result is far greater heat retention than achieved by conventional hollow metal reinforcing.

Tricept Finer Details Pvcu

Weather Resistance:

Tricept Finer Details Weather Resistance

You should expect your new windows and doors to be completely draught proof and water tight. Tricept profile is produced with all weather compression gaskets, fused to both the inner and outer frame sections. The gaskets offer far greater compression and remain inline with the profile for a neater appearance. Because they are fused to the profile they can never shrink back thus avoiding any leaks or irritating draughts in your home.


Integral Drainage:

To enhance the weather resistance further Tricept has a sophisticated ‘built in’ drainage system that directs any water penetration away and towards the external drainage route.

Neat Installations:

To ensure your windows are fitted neat and square, and to prevent ‘bowing’ upon installation, two legs have been formed to the brick facing edge of the profile.

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