Today a door is not just a door, with many different types of doors on the market, from Upvc, to Composite and even Aluminium knowing where to start when replacing the doors in your Huddersfield home could seem a bit of a challenge.

Upvc Doors

Today Upvc Doors from Gardinia are engineered. Engineered Upvc Doors are desirable for the vast range of styles and glazing options available, you can easily design both front and back doors to enhance the appearance of your home. With almost unlimited combinations of decorative door panels you can give your home a personal identity.

With this in mind Upvc Doors are no longer white coloured like you might expect, this is why our Engineered Upvc doors have become a popular choice for Huddersfield homeowners when replacing their old doors.

Example of an Engineered Upvc Door – not what you might expect a Upvc door to look like!

Composite Doors

Composite Doors with a solid timber core have become the most popular choice of replacement door for Huddersfield homeowners. Composite Doors consist of a solid laminate timber core, giving the strength of a traditional timber door, with all the benefits of modern Upvc. In addition, the fantastic range of styles combined with the renowned strength and multi-lock security in Composite Doors give homeowners consistent performance and peace of mind.

A Composite Door in the Painswick colour – making quite the entrance to the home!

Aluminium Doors

Usually in residential situations you will find Aluminium doors the ideal choice when it comes to Bi-Fold doors, in recent years aluminium has re-invented itself by addressing many of the thermal issues once associated with the older aluminium products that we’re manufactured in the 70’s.

Aluminium Bifold Doors are becoming increasing desirable for customers in their Huddersfield homes. This is partly due to projects featured on home improvement programmes such as Grand Designs. The flexibility of Bi-Fold doors from Gardinia make them the ideal choice for projects where large, uninterrupted openings are required, with the system providing maximum light and space, merging the barrier between the home and garden.

Inside view of a Bifold door, showcasing how the inside can be brought out and the outside in

What type of door should I choose?

This can depend on your individual requirements, however at Gardinia we would generally recommend Composite Doors as entrance doors to your home. Composite Doors are the type of door we sell the most of and have a great range of style, colour options and accessories that suit a wide range of individual tastes and styles of home, from modern to the more traditional.

Like what you have seen so far? then why not have a browse of our doors page then contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation and learn more about our door product portfolio.

We have also produced some blogs with some great looking door installations worth having a browse of:

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