Mr & Mrs Leech came to Gardinia looking for a Stable door for their Huddersfield home.

Stable Doors from Gardinia replicate the true function of a traditional Stable door. With security as a major consideration, these Stable Doors are in the lead in both design and durability. With many options available in the colour finishes, the designs possibilities of creating a truly unique Stable door for your Huddersfield home are vast.

That was perfect for Mr & Mrs Leech and they proceeded to place an order with Gardinia for a bespoke Stable door.

Below is a photo of Mr & Mrs Leech’s Stable door fitted at their Huddersfield home in Lindley in the closed position:

Stable Door – Closed

Below is a photo showing the Stable door working as it is designed to, half open:

Stable Door – Open

The inside photo below shows the Stable door compliments the interior of the home also:

Stable Door – Interior

The end result is a stylish looking entrance! Like what you have seen so far? then why not contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation and learn more about how Gardinia can enhance your Huddersfield home.

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