Today upgrading to modern Upvc windows gives you a great choice in colour, range and styles. It’s even possible to get Upvc windows that look like traditional Timber Windows, ideal for installation in a conservation areas. This is a mini Gardinia guide explaining some options for customers thinking of upgrading their old windows.

You might be wondering what your options are if you want something a bit more than a traditional Upvc Window? Well Gardinia offers two window collections to suit a broad range of individual tastes. Our two main ranges are the new Heritage Collection and the Evolution Storm 2 Timber Alternative Windows.

With the Heritage Collection considerable care has been taken to capture the charm and elegance of timber windows, even down to the woodgrain finish. This has then been combined with the modern benefits of Upvc so customers can take advantage the low maintenance associated with modern day PVC-u products. The Heritage Collection includes a number of options from the choice of sash style through to the colour finish to create a truly bespoke end result. The Heritage Collection is becoming a popular choice for Gardinia customers who want something more than a traditional Upvc Window.


If you live in areas like Holmfirth with a Cottage Style property then Gardinia’s Storm 2 Timber Alternative Windows could be idea. The Storm 2 Cottage Style Windows give all the benefits of Upvc, however with the look of an authentic, traditional Timber Window. This is great for conservation areas where homeowners are required to maintain a more traditional look, however still desire the modern benefits Upvc Windows offer, such as energy efficiency.


Of course for many homes more traditional A-Rated Upvc Windows are the perfect solution. Due to Gardinia’s careful design, the use of the strongest strongest PVC-U profiles, combined with fitting the most robust locking mechanisms available and finally incorporating Climat Gard XL energy saving double glazed units, our UPVC Casement Windows will perform all year round, keeping it warm, quiet and secure.

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