Solidor have just launched a new homeowner guarantee scheme for customers who purchase a Solidor Composite Door that contains both the Ultion lock and the new Lock Lock door handle.

All you need to do is register your new door with Solidor within 14 days of installation, then lubricate your Ultion lock every 6 months with Solidor’s graphite lubricant to keep the homeowner guarantee active.

If a burglar breaks into a Solidor Composite Door that has both a Lock Lock handle and snaps the Ultion 3* cylinder, Solidor will cover up to £5,000 of a homeowner’s uninsured losses.

Customers are not automatically registered for the Solidor Homeowner Guarantee, this is an independent guarantee between you, the customer and Solidor. You still have your 10 year guarantee with Gardinia as standard.

Learn more: Solidor Composite Doors from Gardinia Windows.

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