You might have seen on our social media last week that Mylo & Rosie from The Mylo & Rosie Show on Pulse 1 visited Gardinia on their ice cream van tour.

They were very keen to meet Michael who works at our Upvc Spares 4 Repairs trade counter. Michael messages in to their show almost daily with his take on the “Not the nine o’clock news” – a segment of the show where three news headlines are read out and people have to guess which one is made up.

We will admit Michael is usually pretty good at guessing these correctly and even writes them down to quiz the rest of the Gardinia team on the “fake news” during his lunch break, going as far as keeping a tally of who has got the most correct that week (Spoiler: It’s usually Michael!)

Anyway Mylo & Rosie had a challenge for Micheal, he had to wear a blindfold and taste three different ice creams, then guess what flavour each one was.

Our behind the scenes video of this can be watched below:

Given that Micheal guessed the toothpaste ice cream correctly, his dentist will be pleased to know that he brushes his teeth!

Milo and Rosie also had a look around our showroom and met Hector, our part time guard dog:

All the Gardinia team had a great time meeting Milo, Rosie and the Pulse 1 team, we will leave you with a few behind the scenes photos below

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