Gardinia recently installed an Engineered Stained Glass Encapsulated Door in Mr & Mrs Frost’s home at Bolster Moor.

What is special about this installation however is the glass for the Engineered front door was actually taken from an old internal door, then both encapsulated and made larger to fit in perfectly in the new Engineered external door. This was done by adding an additional glass border around the edge, to accommodate the larger size of the new Engineered door.

The finish is that good you would never be aware the glass unit had been increased in size, even when examining the new Engineered door very closely.

Below we have some before and after photos, allowing the encapsulation to be better appreciated:

The original old internal door which the glass unit was removed from to be encapsulated and resized to fit the new Engineered door.
The new Engineered front door with the encapsulated unit viewed internally – you would never know that glass was originally from an internal door.
The new engineered front door with the encapsulated unit viewed externally – what a fantastic result!
Another internal view featuring the door from inside Mr & Mrs Frosts home

In addition to encapsulating the window for the Engineered door, we also encapsulated the existing stained glass windows show below, in to modern, highly efficient Upvc Windows:

Before photo of the front view of Mr & Mrs Frosts home, before Gardinia undertook any work.

Final finished photo of Mr & Mrs Frosts home featuring the encapsulated stained glass windows and door.

I think you will agree the end result is a great showcase of old meets new, the encapsulated stained glass windows really do need to be viewed in person to truly appreciate the end result.

If you have old stained glass windows you’d like to preserve, however upgrade to modern energy efficient windows then why not get in touch today.

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