Mr Mitchell was an existing Gardinia customer, in the past we had replaced all the windows and doors at his home in Cleckheaton. With that in mind Mr Mitchell invited us back when he decided to build a new Conservatory, happy with the detailed quotation provided, he proceeded to place the order.

The base of the existing conservatory was to be re-built by the builder, allowing for a larger conservatory to then be constructed by our team.

When comparing the before and after photos you can see quite a transformation as you will see below.

Before Photos:

Mr Mitchell’s Old Conservatory
Close up of Mr Mitchell’s old Conservatory

After Photos:

Mr Mitchell’s new conservatory, photographed at a similar angle to the old one
Close up of the finished and furnished Conservatory
Side view of the new Conservatory
Showcasing the Conservatory and the back garden
The front of the house, showcasing the window and doors previously installed by Gardinia

As I’m sure you will agree the Conservatory offers such a transformation to Mr Mitchell’s home. Gardinia recognise that a uPVC conservatory needs to blend with your home both aesthetically and functionally, to create a room that is usable all year round. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you like what you see then why not request a free consultation to find out more about what is possible when building a conservatory at your home.

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