This week we’re looking at a Garden Sitting area Gardinia created for Mr and Mrs Graham, something a little different to the type of projects we would normally undertake, however a project we were still confident that we could deliver.

Before contacting Gardinia Mr & Mrs Graham had an effective rustic construction with a timber pagoda and transparent vinyl roof in their back garden, however this was exposed to the elements and only usable in good weather during the summer. Below you can see the existing garden sitting area:


Confident we could design something to meet Mr & Mrs Grahams requirements we went away and drew up some designs that incorporated a Bi-Fold Door, allowing the garden sitting area to be opened up during in the warmer summer months. In addition we had an energy efficient glass roof which would allow plenty of daylight to enter the garden sitting room all year around, but keep the elements out during the cold winter months.

Below you can see the stylish end result, with blends in with the rest of Mr & Mrs Graham’s house perfectly. You can just imagine the Bi-Fold doors open on a warm summers day:

Mr & Mrs Graham are delighted with the end result. If you also have an idea for a project that is a little different, why not contact Gardinia and arrange a free consultation and see how we can help turn your dreams in to reality.

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