A solid Conservatory roof upgrade was ideal for Mr & Mrs Waddington, who had a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof installed by Gardinia many years ago. Back then polycarbonate roofs we’re the desirable type of Conservatory roof. However as years go on, technology improves and newer, more energy efficient systems come on to the market.

With that in mind Mr & Mrs Waddington wanted to upgrade their existing Conservatory roof, to a modern Garden Room Roof, which is usable all year round. Keeping the Conservatory cool during the warmer summer months and the heat in during the cold winter months.

Before – The Old Polycarbonate Roof:

Mr and Mrs Waddington’s old Conservatory with a Polycarbonate Roof


Mr and Mrs Waddington’s old Conservatory with a Polycarbonate Roof


After – The New Garden Room Roof:

Mr and Mrs Waddington’s upgraded Conservatory with a new energy efficient Garden Room Roof


The end ridge cap was custom made to finish the project in a professional manor


As part of the service Gardinia are able to organise the required certification to satisfy current building regulations.

Upgrading to a modern solid Conservatory Roof has made a fantastic difference look wise, Mr & Mrs Waddington are very impressed just how much warmer their Conservatory is now it has been converted in to a Garden Room.

If you have an older Conservatory, why not arrange a free no obligation consultation to learn more about how Gardinia can upgrade the Conservatory and convert it in to a Garden Room.

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