Mr & Mrs Clowes were existing Gardinia customers who moved to a different house on the same street. At their previous house they had a Conservatory from Gardinia which they were extremely happy with.

Mr & Mrs Clowes loved the area they lived in, however had the opportunity to purchase a property in a location with a better view. They decided to sell up and invest in the new property for the much better views.

One of the first jobs they did was to replace the lounge window with a large bi-folding door. They soon realised this still didn’t give them the visual aspect they wanted however. Although the existing balcony was in a nice position the good old Yorkshire weather prohibited its usefulness.

The old balcony with the new Bi-folding door

Having had a Gardinia Conservatory before Mr & Mrs Clowes approached Gardinia to see what we could offer. One of their criteria was to build a new Conservatory with a Bi-Folding door, due to the elevation of the Conservatory and the additional support requirements of a Bi-folding door, it soon became apparent that a traditional build wouldn’t work.

With that in mind we decided to base the construction around a steel portal frame, the build process is showcased below with a photo diary.

The build process – photos:

The old balcony side view showing the new bi-folding door, before any work on the conservatory has started.
Mr Clows removed the old balcony himself.
The four foundations holes for the concrete pads were approx 6ft deep. The criteria was to support the weight and anchor the building down.
The portal steel structure was designed by a structural engineer and was painted to anthercite grey in the factory to match the frames we provided.
Viewing the frames looking towards the house
Showcasing the full portal with the house and Bi-fold doors in view.
The portal frames was bolted to the house and still self supporting, to ensure the house integrity was not compromised.
Showing the portal frame from the house along with the nice views which will be had from the Conservatory.
The beginning of the installation of the window frames and roof.
Assembling the roof.
Showing the inner detail of the aluminium gutter facia.
Assembly of the roof coming to completion.
Start of the roof been glazed, unlike most conservatories the roof is installed before the frames and doors due to the portal frame structure.
Installation of the glass almost complete.
Start of the installation of the window frames and Bi-fold doors.
Now the conservatory is protected from the weather, the floor is been installed.
The storage door had to be modified to retain access to under dwelling of the house.
Floor been boarded.
Floor now installed, along with the bi-folding doors and internal blinds.
Rear view getting towards completion.
Rear view getting towards completion with the bi-folding doors open.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog where we will showcase the fantastic end result!

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