Gardinia had recently replaced all the windows and doors at Richard and Jane’s home in Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield. After completion of this project Richard called Gardinia for some advice on garage doors.

The ironic thing was I had just finished negotiating with a new supplier to begin offering garage doors as another type of door the company would be willing to install.

With this in mind I made an appointment to visit Richard & Jane’s home to demonstrate the new highly insulated sectional, remotely operated & electrically raised garage doors. These are designed to keep an integrated garage a lot warmer. The doors have a full rubber seal to the frame and the base of the doors, in addition the doors can be remotely operated from a key fob.

Before – Richard and Janes Old Garage Doors:

The old garage doors

What also appealed to Richard and Jane was the colour of the garage doors would match the colour of the windows and doors we had recently installed at their home.

The order was placed and the work was carried out in a professional manner, finished off by our team to a high standard.

I think you will agree the after photos speak for themselves.

After – Richard & Janes New Garage Doors:

The new Garage doors, what a great end result.
One of the new garage doors half open
A photo showing one of the new garage doors half open from the inside
A close up of the motorised mechanism used to open the garage doors

Richard & Jane both liked the experience, dealing with Gardinia which was one of the reasons they came back to Gardinia for this project.

I know that they will find their doors a pleasure to use, especially when they arrive home in the rain, it’s just a click to open the doors and keeps them dry when alighting from the car.

Gardinia would like to thank Richard & Jane for being the first clients to order garage doors from Gardinia Windows.

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