If you have a problem with windows which leave a little to be desired in terms of noise passing through either due to ill-fitting openers or if the glazing is simply too thin to keep the noise at bay, then that is when you should consider looking into installing a quality Secondary Glazing system.

A Secondary Glazing system fitted correctly will significantly reduce the passing noise into any Huddersfield home. As it is designed with nylon brush draft gaskets, which help seal the moving part of the frame to the fixed outer frame, giving you a superb seal, which is designed to keep noise under control.

Noise insulated Secondary Glazing is ideal for say homes which are at the side of busy roads or motorways or high-rise offices where the road noise is lifted along the side of the building. The sound wave reverberation will become distorted as they attempt to pass through two or three panes of glass. Which is what the noise reducing Secondary Glazing is designed to combat.

Noise insulated Secondary Glazing can also be used in areas where machinery is running to help keep the noise levels down and keep you safe against ear damage.

One of our installations involved a client who had had some new windows installed into her house in Outlane near Huddersfield, which sat thirty yards from the motorway lanes. The double glazing was just not keeping sufficient noise out of her bedroom and that caused her to have regular nights of no sleep.

The introduction of the Noise reducing Secondary Glazing was a complete success and we were glad to hear that our client was having sweet dreams.

Why not learn more about noise reducing Secondary Glazing or contact Gardinia today and arrange a free, no obligation consultation to learn more about the benefits of noise reducing Secondary Glazing.

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