What is a french door?

French doors originated in France in during the 17th century, one such home improvement revolution introduced at the time was the introduction of French Doors.  This trend started out as large floor to ceiling windows that would often lead out into a garden or onto a balcony, by the end of the century the French door had crossed the channel becoming popular with UK homeowners too.

So why have French Doors remained popular?

Well this is for a number of reasons, the first been additional light. French doors can be a great choice if you’d like to let additional light into your home and during the warmer months, you’re able to open them fully to make your garden an extension of your home. 

Another reason is style, today however there are plenty of different door styles for you to choose from. So, whether you live in a modern or traditional home, there’s a French door style to suit. French doors not only look fantastic, they’re also incredibly practical.  A French door from Gardinia can make it easier for you to bring larger objects into your home and if you’re throwing a garden party they’ll make for a more spacious entry point for your family and friends.

In addition Solidor Composite French Doors from Gardinia have 23 colour options, so it’s possible to make your new French doors completely unique to you and your Huddersfield home. With the added bonus of having different colour both inside and out.

Why not contact Gardinia today and learn more about how french doors in the Solidor Composite French Door range could enhance your Huddersfield home this coming summer.

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