Mr & Mrs Stephenson decided to upgrade their double glazed units to their original upvc window frames, below is a letter returned to Gardinia with Mr & Mrs Stephensons thoughts on the upgrade:

Thank you for your letter dated 11th January.

Our initial feelings are that we are delighted with the glazing upgrade.

Like you we feel the house is much warmer for longer and is generally warmer overall. We were particularly impressed given the extreme cold experienced during November and December 2010. We also agree that it appears to take less time to warm the house. One of the key tests for us was when my Mum came to stop for Christmas and New Year. She is 84 and in remission from cancer. Unfortunately one of the side effects of the treatment is that she feels the cold far more than she used to. Consequently we usually have the heating on 24 hrs a day and at a very high temperature. However, following the upgrade that was not necessary this year – infact it was significantly reduced.

We too noticed that the ice and snow didn’t melt off the glass during the cold snap – a point Mr Stephenson was quick to make!

We have commented on many occasions that we both “think” the house is warmer but feel we must have this evidenced in lower utility bills and that will be the critical test for both my husband and I. The idea was to monitor the cost of heating the house over the year following the installation and we are continuing with that exercise. We will keep you informed as I think this will be really useful for us both.

We are delighted with the work – it was installed to the high professional standard we have come to expect from Gardinia and initially, coupled with the cavity wall installation, we feel this has been a worthwhile exercise. However the caveat to this comment remains the cost of heating the house and we will keep you updated on these developments.

Kind Regards.

Mr & Mrs Stephenson

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