A referral from an existing Gardinia customer resulted in us undertaking this slightly less traditional installation for Mr Calverley. The story starts with Halen and Alex who we’re both referred to Gardinia, who later on then referred both Helens Parents (Mr Calverley) and Alex’s parents (Mr & Mrs Foster) to Gardinia also.

Mr Calverley is planning to convert his garage to use as a Garden Room, looking out on to his garden. Initially Mr Calverley wanted French Doors, however we suggested a larger door with a side window to allow more light in to what will become his Garden Room. Mr Calverley agreed this was a good call and proceeded to go ahead with the Upvc Window and Door.

Below are a couple of before photos of the garage with the old wooden door and windows:

Below is an after photo showcasing the Upvc Window and Door installed in to Mr Calverley’s garage, ready to be converted in to a usable Garden Room:

I’m sure you will agree the end result looks good and will let a lot of natural daylight in to the eventual Garden Room. We will certainly be interested in seeing Mr Calverley’s finished garage to Garden Room conversion.

If you like what you see then have a browse of our Windows and Doors page, then contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation to learn more about how Gardinia can be of service with your next home improvement project.

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