Stable Doors

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Why choose a UPVC Stable Door:

UPVC Stable Doors replicate the true function of a traditional stable door. With security as a major consideration, these Stable Doors are in the lead in both design and durability. With many options available in the colour finishes, the designs possibilities of creating a truly unique stable door for your Huddersfield home are vast. Gardinia have also launched the true composite stable door for maximum security. The door can help keep children safe in the home whiles’t allowing fresh air to circulate in the room. If you wish to keep your pets in or out of the home and restrict their movement, this UPVC Stable door door would be ideal.

Why not get in touch and ask one of our home improvement specialists to come visit you at your home and show you how a Gardinia UPVC Stable Door will both enhance and secure your home? The appointment is free and comes with no obligation to take it any further. When you combine our high quality UPVC Stable Doors, with the many year’s experience our fitters, you can be certain that a high quality end result will be achieved.

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