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Why Timber Windows from Gardinia?

Timber Windows are only available in a quality IDIGBO hardwood timber, using quality IDIGBO hardwood timber prevents Timber Windows having future problems, such as swelling or rot.

The frames on Timber Windows can, if required, be finished in either paint primed or coated with a clear breathable varnish to enhance the look of the timber. Others normally apply the final finish coats after the installation. Gardinia also install vertical sash windows; both the original weighted design as well as the counterbalance option, giving the client a choice and a price range to suit.

Many older, non-listed properties warrant the consideration of replacement Timber Windows, due to the dimensions of the original timbers. It is difficult at times to be able to offer a sympathetic design of frame in other materials such as UPVC or Aluminium, due to the sizes of the pre-made outer frames not being able to be cut down and altered to suit.

Double glazing can be installed into most frames, and where the needs arise they can be upgraded to highly insulated double-glazing to save more energy in the property. There are various styles of windows, which can be designed to totally complement the property, in so far as they are built to a design, which will bring back the original character of the property, particularly in cases where the original windows have already been exchanged once or even twice.

All Grade two listed properties require a sympathetic approach to window and door replacement, to enable the properties to remain as they were originally designed. Which may mean that they have to be single glazed. The local authority will normally negotiate with the householder or the contractor to arrive at an acceptable proposal for window or door designs and replacement, this will guarantee that the finished work will then fall within their guidelines on listed buildings.

Modern fabrication techniques enable the timber frames to have weather seals installed in their rebates. This is to guarantee that the opening windows do not cause any problems to the householder in terms of unwanted draughts or leaks.

Windows today can have locking devises built into the opening sash windows, this increases the level of security to the frame, and will also meet the requirements of their insurance company in terms of security. It is recommended that specialist paint (breathable paint) be used to decorate the frames, this will guarantee that the timber frame can breathe and will prolong the life of the frame.

Most modern frames these days are dry-glazed to secure the glass, the glazing beads are secured with pins in the conventional method, which should be sunk into the timber and filled, prior to painting or varnishing.

With the many years experience & high quality workmanship of our window fitters, you can be certain that a high quality end result will be achieved. Our skilled team of fitters have been installing Timber Window in Huddersfield and the surrounding area for decades.

Why not get in touch and ask one of our home improvement specialists to come visit you at your home and show you how a IDIGBO hardwood Timber Window will both secure and enhance your home? The appointment is free and comes with no obligation to take it any further.

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