Flexi~Gard Roof System

What is the Flexi~Gard Roof?

The Gardinia Flexi~Gard Roof System is a high elastomeric waterproofing liquid membrane for flat roofs, light grey in colour. The perfect solution for waterproofing complicated roofs. The Flexi~Gard Roof System incorporates an ultraviolet reflector to prevent damage from the sun’s rays.

Gallery of Garden Flexi~Gard Roof Installs:

Advantages of the Flexi~Gard Roof System:

A great advantage of the Flexi~Gard roof system is that it can be applied to most substrates without the need of primer such as Bitumen, some other key benefits of our Flexi~Gard roof system include:

  • Rapid curing. Resistant to rain 30 minutes after application
  • Protects against corrosion, rust and wear
  • Easy and quick application. No reinforcement required
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • Fire safe. No naked flames required
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of substrates; plywood, bitumen membrane, concrete, asphalt
  • Can be applied even with zero pitch
  • CE marked & BBA certified for 25 years
  • No seams or overlaps
  • High resistance to abrasion and high elasticity

Why choose the Flexi~Gard Roof System?

Gardinia can replace the under boarding if this is required with Oriented Strand Board (OSB Board), or if the main roof is stable, we can overcoat to give excellent protection to the roof.

Roof finishing edges and upstands are fitted as standard along with any fascia boarding or guttering where required. The unique properties of this produce allow you to use the product for walkways, garage floors, balconies or rooms which require an easy clean washable floor.

To summarise, the Flexi~Gard roofing system combines the benefits of both other roofing systems in one brilliant up to date product.

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