The Tricept system is based around high security and performance.

In December 2007 The British Standards Institute revised entrance door lock testing to combat a number of security weaknesses identified with key cylinders. For your ultimate security every Gardinia Tricept door is now fitted with a unique cylinder-free multipoint lock system designed exclusively to fit both entrance doors and french doors.

The Tricept lock system includes top and bottom shoot-bolts, 3 outer/inner facing hook locks and a center locking latch. ln addition 4 roller cams add to the security whilst ensuring maximum weather seal.

All round security

To complete the all round security all Tricept doors are fitted with 3 high security, profile related hinges. Each hinge is secured using 11 fixings and incorporates a unique anti-jemmy claw for your ultimate protection.

Secured on all 4 sides, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Gardinia Tricept doors come complete with a total of 13 security locking points.

Smooth operation

To ensure a smooth operation all of the ten locking mechanisms are thrown simply by lifting the handle upwards and then key locked in the fixed position. French doors will include shoot bolts to the slave door that once again lock by lifting the slave door handle.

Tricept Security Guarantee

Gardinia take security very seriously, every Ticept door has 15 locking features and a cylinder free multi point locking system. Gardinia are so confident that Tricept doors are extremely secure that in the unlikely event of a break-in succeeding through failure of a Tricept product, we will pay the cost (up to £500) of replacing or repairing the forced window, and pay you £500 towards any inconvenience caused.

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