When having a bit of an office clear out, I came across a stash of old photos and negatives. This is not something you see all to often these days in the digital world we live in!

Most of these photos were of older installations from the 80’s and early 90’s Gardenia had undertaken. However some were of various Gardinia events and employees dating all the way back to the mid 80’s.

I’d previously shared an old company photo of everyone at Gardinia from October 1996 on our Facebook page, which was received well. So here are a few more photos from the archives, freshly scanned this morning.

It’s a testament to the company seeing a few familiar faces in these photos, who are still at Gardinia today.

The Gardinia team around 1985
The Gardinia team in the early 90s
The Gardinia team on the 10th October 1996
The Gardinia team many years later on the companies 25th anniversary
Mick Foster with the Royds Hall Ladies Football Team, a team Gardinia used to sponsor.
Steve in Germany on a Gardinia company trip in the 80s, believed to be 1986 or 1987

Mick in Germany on a Gardinia company trip in the 80s, believed to be 1986 or 1987
Gardinia’s general manager Allan Hinchliffe and recently retired IT Manager Stephen Halstead
Mick Fosters desk hasn’t been seen since. Rumour has it if you dig deep enough the paper work from this photo can be found!
Craig, now our service engineer working in our old factory
Gardinia customers and Mark Wheelwright
Mark Wheelwright and Mick Foster in the 90’s
Allan, Mick, Mark & Trevor in the 90’s
Judith, Trevor, Maurine and Mick at Trevors retirement
Mick Foster, the Gardinia Chairman taking a rare moment to relax at Trevors retirement
Maurine, Trevor and Mick at Trevors retirement
Darren and Mick Butterfield at Trevors retirement
Mick, Trevor Wayne & Paul at Trevors retirement
Darren, our installation manager at Trevors retirement
Mick, Travor Mick and Mark at Trevors retirement
A train used on the 18-19th September 1999 for a Gardinia promotional event in our factory. The train was loaned from the Huddersfield Society of Model Engineers.
The Gardinia Showroom in the mid 90s
Entrance of the Gardinia Showroom in the mid 90s
Mark Wheelwright
Mick Butterfield
Mick Foster
An old Gardinia promotional flyer from the 80s
Another old 80s Gardinia promotional flyer
A Gardinia advert from the Huddersfield Street Plan 1986 edition
Aerial photo of Huddersfield in 1986, you can see the Gardinia premises to the bottom right

I hope you have enjoyed this look back through some of the Gardinia Windows photo archives. If you are thinking of having a new Windows, Doors, or even a Conservatory why not contact Gardinia, Huddersfields longest trading Window company today.

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