Over the last week various upgrades have been taking place in the Gardinia showroom, here we have a sneak peak of the new Traditional Timber Range Gardinia will be launching in the coming weeks.

Our traditional timber range uses only the best pieces of timber, which have been responsibly grown and scanned to ensure everything is fault free and has had any knots removed. These prime sections of timber are then glued, compressed and laminated together to form engineered timber. In addition, our traditional timber doors are environmentally friendly, with all waste been recycled and converted into burnable pellets, for use on combustible boilers.

We will have more to reveal about the new Traditional Traditional Timber Range in the coming weeks, however for now here are some sneak peak photos of the ongoing upgrades which are taking place at the moment.

The traditional timber windows been unloaded, ready to be installed by our fitters.
The Traditional Timber Doors unloaded and ready to be fitted.
Company Chairman Michael knew exactly how he desired our showroom display to look
A modern Traditional Timber Door with a glass sidelight window viewed from the outside
A modern Traditional Timber Door with a glass sidelight window viewed from the inside
A selection of four very different traditional timber doors installed in our showroom, showcasing some of the different colour and style options which are possible.
Here on the left we have an Evolution Storm 2 Timber alternative window and on the right a Traditional Timber Window, allowing customers to easily see the differences. Both Windows are are ideal, however for different circumstances.
Traditional Timber vs Timber Alternative close up comparison, both fantastic products, suitable for different situations.

Look out for more updates on the new Traditional Timber Range soon!

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