Showroom Upgrades – The Suffolk Door Collection, In 360°!

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Recently our showroom has been updated to ensure everything is current. Part of this involved removing four old Upvc Doors and replacing them with new doors from our Suffolk Door Collection.

Below is a photo of the four new doors from the Suffolk Door Collection we’ve just installed in our showroom:

Before the upgrade took place we also took a 360° photo, then after the new doors from the Suffolk Door Collection had been installed we took another 360° photo. The end result is you can view the before and after photos below in 360°, looking anywhere you desire on each photo.

Click on any of the 360 photo links below and drag the mouse to manually look up, down, left or right. You can use the controls at the bottom right to zoom in or out of the photo.

Mobile / Tablet devices should be rotated to landscape mode to best view the images, you can touch the screen to look around the photos and use the controls at the bottom right of each image to zoom in or out.

Note: Please keep in mind due to the small area the doors are in, unfortunately the 360 photos are not perfect and have a fish bowel effect. When the technology improves we hope to be able to provide some better 360 photos!

The Four Old Upvc Doors:

The old Upvc Doors in our showroom, before been replaced with four new Doors from the Suffolk Door Collection. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The Four New Doors From The Suffolk Door Collection:

The four new Doors from the Suffolk Door Collection installed in our Showroom. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The Suffolk Door Collection is a lot more stylish and modern i’m sure you will agree, it just goes to show how door technology has advanced over the years.

Why not contact Gardinia today, to find out how a door from our Suffolk Door Collection will enhance your home?

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