A client came into our showroom to ask if we could clad his conservatory ceiling, effectively giving the conservatory a solid roof inside, however still retaining the polycarbonate roof outside.

This was something we could do, so quoted the for the job.

We undertook the job to insulate and clad a three metre square conservatory roof using a 50-mm box aluminium section across the underside of the roof, securing them to the internal struts of the Ultralite roof with self-drill screws.

We then cut up the 50-mm thick white polystyrene sheets into 600-mm wide strips and secured these to the roof with clear silicone between the aluminium box sections.

Then fitting a uPVC “U” channel to the front and rear edge of the roof with screws and cladding over the whole area with 300-mm white hollow cladding boards.

Finally finishing the other two edges with a 45-mm architrave, secured to the side walls with super glue, to avoid using any screws and cups.

The finished job was an excellent piece of work, our customers Mr & Mrs Woodcock were extremely pleased with the completed project.

Below are some photos of the project in progress:

Old Ultralight 500 Polycarbonate Roof
The boxed section aluminium joists installed
Polystyrene insulation adhered to the old roof
The Upvc hollow cladding affixed to the aluminium box section
Work in progress

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Please be aware we are a local company only operating in the Huddersfield / Kirklees area of West Yorkshire.