Jo Downs handmade glass is exclusive to our Solidor Composite Door range. Jo is one of the worlds most respected glass designers, working from her Cornwall studio Jo obtains her inspiration from the coastal landscape that surrounds her.

Advance fusion techniques allow for the creation of abstract designs with both great individuality and depth.

Close up of the hand made glass tiles been manufactured

As each piece is individually hand crafted no two pieces are the same! with that in mind you are truly getting bespoke glass.

Jo crafting some handmade glass at her studio

We have recently had some hand made glass samples constructed for our showroom on Leeds Road, Huddersfield:

The above photo really doesn’t do this glass justice, why not visit our showroom to see this handmade glass in person?

You can also browse the extensive range of Solidor Composite Doors we currently have on display in the showroom at the same time.

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