Aluminium Bifold Doors are becoming increasing desirable for customers in their Huddersfield homes. This is partly due to projects featured on home improvement programmes such as Grand Designs, where aluminium doors have been gaining popularity. In recent years aluminium has re-invented itself by addressing many of the thermal issues once associated with the older aluminium products that we’re manufactured in the 70’s.

What are Aluminium Bifold Doors?

A Bifold door in its simplest form is a door that slides open, while its panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall, conveniently leaving a full open external area often as wide as your property.

So what other benefits do Aluminium Bifold Doors offer? well some benefits include:

  • Extra space and ingress of natural light
  • Opens rooms up to outside
  • Slim and good looking sight lines
  • Energy efficient and eco friendly
  • Large range of colours available in any Ral Colour
  • Aluminium material provides strength, functionality and security
  • Adds value to any property

With the above benefits its easy to understand why interest in Aluminium Bifold Doors is increasing in the Huddersfield area, especially for homes on the outskirts of Huddersfield with scenic views, allowing these views to be fully embraced and enjoyed!

With that in mind when recently upgrading our showroom we were sure to install a modern Aluminium Bifold Door:

The Aluminium Bifold Door in our showroom, shown in the closed position, with the right end panel opening just like a normal door

Typically a Bi-fold can have anything between two to seven panels for larger openings, the Bifold in our showroom has three panels:

The Aluminium Bifold Door in our showroom, shown in the open position

Of course Aluminium Bifold Doors make even more of an impact outside a showroom environment:

Outside view of an Aluminium Bifold Door installed at a home
Inside view of an Aluminium Bifold Door installed at a home

Like what you see? why not arrange a free consultation to find out how Aluminium Bifold Doors to enhance your Huddersfield home.

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