Since the front page warning on Tuesday 3rd November 2009 in the Examiner people have become increasingly worried about how vulnerable the cylinders in their doors are.

Gardinia have been working on ensuring that we remove any potential security risk by fitting increased door security locks / cylinders to prevent the euro cylinders being breached, and also to any patios and existing non locking windows.

The Solution: A Simple And Very Effective Device

We have designed and now fit as standard our purpose designed exclusive security device in addition to our extra security locks.

Our FREE security assessment will determine whether your property is at risk, and we will simply show you how we can remove that potential risk by installing simple devices that are easily and quickly fitted. When completed most potential intruders will simply move on from your property without even attempting to gain entry as they will realise instantly that you are protected. And should they try they will quickly become frustrated at their pointless attempts.

If your property has already benefitted from having Gardinia windows & doors we want to ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of our products and can rest assured that you have the most secure and up to date locking systems now advised by the Police. Therefore we will provide an absolutely free assessment without obligation and provide you with any potential solutions only if they are required.

Our Free Security Assessment:

Our free security assessment will only take approximately 30 minutes and we guarantee will be without obligation. We will not try to sell our products to you. We will simply provide any security solutions for your consideration.

If you book your free survey we will supply and fit a free magnetic door / window security alarm totally free just to say thank you. Also if you would be kind enough to pass this infomation on to your friends and family and we would do the same for them.

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